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The benefits of deep cleaning your mattress with My Cleaners Bristol

You will find our mattress cleaning in Bristol quite convenient. Our mattresses and beds are the things we have the most contact with so it’s natural that we should take care of them at the best of our abilities. Here is how deep cleaning your mattress can help your health and that of your home.

  • Useful for people with skin conditions and allergies – If you or someone in your family is a bit more sensitive to dust, dirt, pollen, or they are just straight up allergic to it, deep cleaning your mattress will remove those allergens and vastly improve the quality of air in your home.
  • Getting rid of hard-to-remove stains – Sure you can always put a sheet over it but those stains can become a food resource to various insects. A deep cleaning will make sure that you can sleep calmly at night with no bugs crawling around.
  • Prolonging the life of the mattress and the bed frame as well – If there are no bugs or tears in the mattress, then the bed frame will also be in a better condition and you can enjoy your bed for many years to come!

How is the mattress cleaning in Bristol performed?

  • You book the service from My Cleaners Bristol for a day and time more comfortable with your own personal schedule and daily tasks.
  • The technician will arrive at your property with all the needed equipment to complete the job up to the highest standard!
  • He will examine the mattress and apply the most suitable detergent for the type of dirt or stain that your mattress has.
  • This pretreatment will allow for the dust and grime to dissolve a lot easier and detach from the mattress surface and insides.
  • After that, using a hot water extraction machine, the professional will carefully clean your mattress. A mixture of water and detergent is injected with very high pressure in the mattress and extracted right after along with 95% of all the moisture and dirt.
  • After the service is complete you will only have to wait for around 12 hours because of the density of the mattress. However, if you have good ventilation in the room or you can bring it outside, the drying time can be significantly cut off.

How to arrange your mattress cleaning in Bristol?

Fill in your requirements and details in the easy online booking form of My Cleaners Bristol or write us an email to receive your free quote. You can also give us a quick call and our friendly representatives will give you an estimate right away.

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