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One Off Cleaning Bristol

  • Using high-end detergents and tools
  • Vetted and insured local professionals
  • Options for same-day bookings
  • Availability during weekends and holidays
  • 24/7 Customer Service phone line

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What to expect from our one-off cleaning service in Bristol?

This is an hourly based cleaning service which is perfect for many occasions!

  • A seasonal cleaning that is much needed but you don’t have the time for it.
  • A cleaning after a social gathering or before one, like a birthday party or any type of celebration.
  • A spruce-up cleaning before giving your property out for renting or selling.

With My Cleaners Bristol, you decide how many hours you will need this service for, how many cleaners, the rooms that are your priority, whether you need professional detergents and much more. The service is designed to be fully customizable in order to fit the needs of each different customer.

Meet the experienced local professionals in Bristol

Booking a service with My Cleaners Bristol means that you will get a 5-star experience and it will be delivered by a team of local cleaning professionals! All of them are specially trained in order to fill the high performance standard held by both us and all of our customers. The friendly cleaners will come on time and complete the service in the most efficient way possible. They will carefully follow the priorities you have previously provided us with in order to make sure that everything is up to your expectations.

How to schedule your one-off cleaning service in Bristol

Simply fill out the online booking form of My Cleaners Bristol with your postcode and requirements for the service. You will quickly receive your personalised quote and the only thing left is to confirm the day and time that is most suitable with your schedule. Another option is to give us a quick call, receive your estimate price by one of our friendly representatives and book your service in no time!

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